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Good vegetarian food and restaurants in Lisbon

Vegetable Dreams

Good vegetarian options may seem limited in a city where the culinary scene is very much a fish and wine culture with tendancies toward bold, succulant, and heavy meats and saussages. Nonetheless, it’s still nice every once in a while to get a light meal rich with veggies. If you’re looking for an alternative to bifanas, steaks, and choriço, try one of these vegetable-loving establishments.

Jardim dos Sentidos

Eat your greens at this restaurant and therapy center. This vegetarian dinning spot is always crowded because of its value and garden. Grab a massage before or after your Indian/Oriental-inspired cuisine.

Rua Mae D’ Água, 3

Open Monday to Friday 12h - 15h and 19h - 23h / Saturday 19h - 23h
tel. (+351) 213 423 670



Amazing place for getting your fill of veggies. Serves buffet style vegetarian meals made from mostly organic ingridients with many Vegan options. If it´s sunny, see if you can get a table in the garden out back.

Rua da Palmeira, 15

Open everyday 12h30 - 15h30 and 19h30 - 22h30
tel. (+351) 213 421 408


Mega Vega

A great choice in the city centre for quick and inexpensive vegetarian and vegan food. Several menus consisting of both hot and cold dishes.

Rua do Sapateiros, 113

Open Monday to Friday 08h30 - 22h / Saturday 10h - 22h
tel. (+351) 213 468 063

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